Take the headache out of grounds maintenance

Toro myTurf Pro, built to make your life simpler

In an ideal world, turf and grounds maintenance would require no time, money or effort, and your turf would be consistently flawless no matter the weather. Unfortunately, we all know time is constantly in short supply, and balance sheets and seasons are facts of life. Perfect turf is notoriously high maintenance, and as an integral part of your business, requires a lot of input: maintenance and repairs need to be tracked and scheduled, new and replacement parts need to be ordered, usage logs kept, total costs calculated. On top of all that, if you really want to minimize expenses and maximize effectiveness, you’ll need to run statistical reports (for which you need accurate data and complete records), as well as accurate inventory management to reduce equipment downtime. If you’re doing all that manually, that’s a huge amount of work for you and your team.

Does that sound painfully familiar? It might be time to try out the Toro myTurf Pro. It’s a powerful, user-friendly app that tracks and manages all your equipment, regardless of whether it’s from Toro or another brand. Because it collects data in real-time*, sends you push notifications to remind you of upcoming tasks, and does all the fleet-monitoring for you, you can keep far better records, lengthen your equipment’s lifespan and trim your overall maintenance costs, while also lightening the load on your people. The result? A much simpler system that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your entire organization.

*System features differ based on hardware configuration.


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About Jebsen & Jessen Technology Turf & Irrigation

Jebsen & Jessen Technology – Turf & Irrigation is a division of the Technology business unit of diversified industrial conglomerate Jebsen & Jessen Group. Equipped with over two decades of expertise within the team, we provide total solutions in turf care and horticulture management for golf courses, parklands, stadiums and other public facilities throughout South East Asia. Our products range from turf maintenance equipment, buggies and utility vehicles to sprinkler systems and fertilisers. With complete service, warehousing and distribution facilities in the region, we are well equipped and ready to adapt swiftly to local requirements.

Beyond distribution, we offer a full service, including after-sales support, spare part supply chain, training and commissioning. We also offer a dedicated turf & horticultural management service, providing consultancy and training.

For more information, visit us at www.turftech.jjsea.com.


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