JJTI at ASPGI National Turf Irrigation Seminar


To maintain good turf condition, a proper irrigation plays an important role in keeping the turf grass healthy and fresh. As turf grasses make up a large portion of golf landscape, maintaining and improving irrigation system efficiency is becoming key points for golf courses provider everywhere. In order to irrigate efficiently, proper knowledge of the irrigation system being used becomes a crucial factor to be consider.

This is why Jebsen & Jessen Technology Indonesia partnered with Toro and Asosiasi Superintendet Padang Golf Indonesia (ASPGI) to co-host a one day irrigation seminar for irrigation technicians and golf course managers across Indonesia. The one day training was presented by Andrew Price from Toro Irrigation Asia Pacific, who has 15 years of both technical and commercial experience in golf irrigation industry and Michael Chang from Jebsen & Jessen Technology, who shared the current progress in golf irrigation technology.

The training enunciated the importance of having a periodic checking of the irrigation system concerning the age and other risk factor that could affect the system performance and to reduce the possibility of system failure.

Participants were enthusiastic as they were allowed to ask questions at any time during the training session. They shared some problems occurred in their irrigation system where they have limited resources and a know-how to do a proper checking. Aiming to provide the best solution for turf and irrigation management, JJTI T&I division presented one of the aftersales audit and checking program to the training participants, where JJTI will perform audit to analyze the irrigation system health and give overall recommendation once the problems are identified after the audit is performed. This way, customers would have their system health periodically evaluated and will find this an effective solution to maintain and improve the performance of their golf course irrigation system.

As the host of the annual event, ASPGI would like to give their appreciation to JJTI and Toro for the initiative in supporting the skill development of superintendents and golf technicians across Indonesia. They expect that this collaboration could improve the golf course quality across Indonesia in the future.

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