Golf Course Irrigation System – Preventive Maintenance & Audit


Golf courses that recently commissioned a new irrigation system or are operating an existing one, can reap long-term benefits from a well-maintained system.

This eventually leads to a reduction in maintenance and labour costs.

The irrigation system is an integral part of golf course maintenance. Without a functional irrigation system, it is impossible to maintain a golf course in the best playable condition.

With a proper maintenance program, a well-maintained irrigation system can help golf course owners save water and electricity bills, plus improve and provide ideal playing conditions for golfers.

To many golfers and golf course operators, the irrigation system is incognito, because they are buried underground and most frequently are operated at night. Therefore, it can be difficult to understand that over time, the irrigation system wears out and can be very expensive to replace.

In most cases, a golf course irrigation preventive maintenance program is primarily reactive, and the system can quickly deteriorate from a lack of proper maintenance.

Developing a preventive maintenance program is the best way to extend the life of an irrigation system, maintain its performance, minimize severity and frequency of chronic problems. Ultimately, the benefits do not just involve achieving a playable course condition.

By having a preventive maintenance program, the efficiency of daily golf course maintenance increases, while reducing downtime while providing savings on water and electricity bills.

Preventive irrigation maintenance can be customized as daily, weekly, monthly and yearly checks. Email us [email protected] to request a copy of the irrigation system maintenance checklist.

While a preventive maintenance program can reduce irrigation problems, it does not eliminate some tasks that are required like yearly control system grounding checks, or a comprehensive golf course irrigation audit that is conducted by a certified irrigation consultant.

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